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Move of the Month

Stabilise the Spine

This week we really need two videos to describe the full 'brace' capability of our lower backs. The first video takes you through the basics of bracing while the second progresses these moves safely and effectively. Mastering the ability to hold our backs firmly in the natural aligned position is one of the most important skills we bring to our Pilates practice so taking the time to study this section on bracing will repay itself over and again. These short videos demonstrate how to regulate our breath, create stability within the powerhouse muscles and correlate that stability with our natural range of movement. In order to truly master spine stability we must:

  • Take time to focus on our breath

  • Locate our major stabilising muscles

  • Combine stability with mobility

This 7 minute video prepares us with lateral breathing to energise our muscles, demonstrates stability alongside mobility with pelvic tilts, steadily progressing the weighting and flexibility requirements of the exercises and culminating in a single knee fold, one of the key Pilates moves. It incorporates all the mobility and preparation work you'll need and is suitable for most people. Progression: The second video shortcuts the breath and stability work, giving over more time for examples of bracing exercises such as double knee folds, 'criss cross' and single leg stretches. Enjoy!


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