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What equipment do you need to change your health?

Lycra? Shiny trainers? A new bike? A Personal Trainer?

Or maybe just some comfortable shoes that don't let in the water.

Today's exercise is to decide whether buying new equipment would encourage you or just add to your credit card debt and/or pile of trash in the spare room.

You're the only one who can answer that question. Plenty of people find that some new fitness gear will have them bursting into class or that a new fitness toy like a kettlebell, exercise ball or hula hoop is all it takes to reinvigorate the weekly regime. Others need to get the routine in place first and reward their hard graft with spangly shorts and matching headband.

Essentially, some people benefit from splashing out in advance to encourage them to put their best foot forward. Others prefer to see results before committing their hard earned. The trick is to understand which you are and play to your strengths (within your budget). The end result is better health. You don't physically need any equipment to change your health, as evidenced by this crazy climber here, but whatever gets you closer to the goal is worth your financial investment.

What do you need? New trainers for running.

What do you want? £200 running shoes designed for your gait after a full running analysis

Which one will get you moving more?

Understand your own motivations and share them with us on Facebook.

Enjoy Good Health!

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