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De-stress Your Workplace

As part of Stress Awareness Month I wanted to share with you a few of the tools I've been using in my Workplace Wellness programs.

I'm working with lots of sedentary businesses just now to help ensure they and their staff stay healthy and productive. Here's a great NHS pdf about providing a healthy work environment and it's completely free. You can use it de-stress your workplace today by following this link: GUIDANCE ON PREVENTION AND MANAGEMENT OF STRESS AT WORK

Other things I'm assisting with is providing guidance on completing Healthy Working Lives Initiatives within the Workplace, hosting 30 minute lunchtime classes with exercises like this to help clients stretch out and delivering seminars, workshops and exercise programs to teach staff how to look after their health at work.

The latest evidence from the Lancet is that it takes 60-75 minutes of exercise a day to offset the health implications of a full time desk job. This means that while your 30 minute metafit is fun and fits into your day, it won't cut it healthwise. The same goes for getting off the bus a few stops earlier or taking the kids to the park at the weekend. If your job keeps you in one place all day you're going to need a fully formed plan on how you can mitigate the long term adverse effects. This starts with the awareness of exactly how much and what kind of movement you need, then a corporate level driven plan to ensure it's available to you and your co-workers.

Every business needs a different solution and I'm here to advise and offer low cost answers for this dilemma. If you'd like your work to get involved direct them to this page on my website or just call me on 07914700988.

Enjoy Good Health

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