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Stretch out your Lunch Hour

Workplace Wellness is coming to Blairgowrie with a brand new class designed to prevent the kind of injuries associated with sitting at work.

The first 5 week block is being held on Wednesdays from 15th Feb – 15th March at 12.30 – 1pm in Blairgowrie Physiotherapy, 1 High Street and it’s suitable for most people. The cost is £30 for the block of 5 classes, booking is through Susie Black Fitness at As additional back-up, all participants will receive free online support to ensure they can benefit at home, too.

I've developed these exercise combinations to improve mobility, flexibility and strength for sedentary workers although they'll also be extremely useful for repetitive action jobs like hairdressing and dentistry.

Every day people experience unnecessary pain from their jobs. It’s easy to get absorbed in work, hunch shoulders and ultimately strain backs and necks. It stems from staying in one place for 5 or 6 hours a day and the latest evidence from the Lancet is that it takes 60-75 minutes of exercise a day to offset the health implications of a full time desk job.

The exercises in this class have been specifically designed to support problematic joints, increase muscle tone and align the body. I wanted to split the week up so people can unbend at the half way point and reduce their injury risk. I’ve never seen a class syllabus better designed to support sedentary or repetitive action workers. The exercises will even be graduated to ensure they're suitable for a broad range of people. Follow these links to see 1 minute videos of how the exercises are progressed.

This new form of training has been developed as part of my Workplace Wellness Initiative to provide cost effective, easy to implement exercise solutions for businesses with sedentary staff. I believe that employers have a responsibility to look after the health of their workforce and that people should leave their working day feeling as in control of their health as when they arrived. The Workplace Wellness Initiative is the easiest way to increase productivity and reduce absenteeism through stress and illness.

As you may know, I started exercising in 2002 after the birth of my children left me in chronic back pain. Exercise helped manage the pain long term until 2015 when I eventually had surgery to correct a disc issue. Over the past 12 years I have worked with 100’s of clients to help them avoid injury and return safely to exercise. This new kind of exercise class draws on my extensive knowledge of Pilates and posture related exercise.

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