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National Obesity Week

It's a good time of year for it! Most people have regretted at least one mince pie and some of us are reeling from the effects of our over indulgence. Follow this link if you want to know more about events surrounding National Obesity Week or just read a few stats below:

Here's what the Scottish Government has to say about it. "In 2015, 65% of adults aged 16 and over were overweight, including 29% who were obese. There has been an increase in the proportion who are overweight or obese among both sexes (aged 16-64) since 1995, from 52% to 62%. Most of this increase was seen between 1995 and 2008, with figures remaining broadly stable since then."

Obesity is recorded using BMI scores which is a correlation of height to weight. In a very small amount of cases, such as weight lifters or rugby players, the BMI score will be an inaccurate representation of obesity . This is because such individuals will have a greater percentage of muscle than most people and will therefore be heavier. Rest assured, this is rare and definitely isn't you if your belly hangs over your jeans.

Check your BMI here. If it says 18-25 you're in the normal category. 25-30 is labelled as overweight however it's perfectly possible to still be healthy within this category. If you're exercising regularly, eating a healthy diet and not otherwise abusing your lungs or liver then you're probably alright. If you're worried, book in for a fitness assessment with a Personal Trainer like me.

Anything above 30 pretty much has a danger sign hanging over it. You'll be putting strain on your joints and heart from carrying the extra weight, plus you've probably made some poor health choices to get there. To take action, why not 'fess up loud and clear and ask some friends or work colleagues to get involved. Use Obesity Awareness Week as a starting point for making change.

Here's my simple no nonsense method, stolen from an army sort I used to train. It's easy to remember, try it for January.

You can't really call it a diet, just a moment to draw a line in the sand. We'll be working all year on how to make long term change stick but if you need an intervention then give it a go for the next three weeks. Even better, remember to tell your friends and get them to try it, too. Making change is easier when you do it with a friend. You can place a bet on who'll keep to it best or write a BMI chart up for the office.

Good luck and Enjoy Good Health!

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