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Does your favourite pastime require a particular kind of physical prowess? If you find yourself saying things like "Oh I could have done that when I was younger" or "Of course s/he finds that easy, look at the length of their legs" then you can pretty much guarantee there's a sports specific element to your hobby.

It makes sense to work your exercise around your favourite pastimes but Google doesn't always help here. If you've ever lost 2 hours trying to find a way to stretch before an important golf/bowling/riding event you'll understand the importance of a bit of guidance.

How about we make that guidance fit for you?

I'm offering weekly and monthly sports specific training packages for your club to book on your behalf.

How does it work?

Your club contacts me and we arrange for sessions to focus on specific

1. Strength,

2. General Fitness and

3. Postural Alignment requirements for your hobby or sport. Each booking lasts 3 hours, covers the three session types and I can even include full access to exercise software to support you between sessions. The club can book as a one off morning/afternoon or as a regular weekly/monthly motivator.

By providing the venue and splitting the cost between the members, the club can keep the members' prices lower. You can arrange to try all three class types over several weeks /months or choose to focus on one area over the same time length to increase your safety and knowledge of your particular hobby.

This kind of training is new but really not too different from seeing a golf pro or booking in for a riding lesson. In many cases it will fill in the gaps between your knowledge and your instructor's advice making their work even more beneficial in practice.

The best part is that it will reduce your risk of injury and keep you going more often and for longer with your favourite activities.

A 3 hour booking is £200 (location dependent!) or £250 with access to the supporting exercise software. All equipment is supplied during the course of the sessions although clubs will have the opportunity to purchase specialist equipment at a discounted rate if they choose.

Why not speak to your club today about sports specific fitness? You could send them this 2 minute video clip or maybe you could just forward this article.

Enjoy Good Health!

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