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The Secret to Everlasting Life

Please note: If you're reading this from the weekly email, open up the full article to click through to the pdf and vids which accompany it.

What's the weirdest exercise regime you've come across? Last year we saw 5km daily run, planking and abs challenges. You'll find them played out in full view on social media along with the cursory admonishments by health and fitness professionals that they don't constitute real or balanced exericse.

Here's a fun and slightly kooky workout that will give you a full body stretch and strengthen and might just fit into your day.

The regime and its origins are described by Peter Kelder in this free PDF. It reads like PG Wodehouse meets Uri Geller and, while the pdf explains the background you may need a little assistance with the visualisation.

I've trailed the interweb to find the best quality video of the full set of moves and it's just a click away.

The regime itself is said to lengthen life and the moves are fairly close to Yoga. You begin with three repetitions of the 5 simple exercises and build up gradually until you can comfortably achieve 21 repetitions of each. The main pointers are that you should always feel relaxed in each move, progress as suits you and definitely avoid pain. For the very exercise aware, they include moves which look similar to spinning, straight leg raises, Yoga down/up dog, bridge and camel.

Even if you don't fancy trying something new today, why not bookmark the video? To see anyone move with such grace and elegance is a delight and, as the book explains, you can work up to the moves by adjusting each one so as to be performed with ease.

Enjoy Good Health!

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