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5 Minute Fitness Fixes

#Supermarket Willpower

Time: 3-5 minutes to read

Effort: Zero, literally – this is less effort than you currently make.

Effect: Revolutionise your grocery shopping.

If your shopping trolley looks like a children’s dream party by the time you reach the checkout, read on.

Well, you made the meal planner and the shopping list (no? There’s a 5 minute fix for that!). You ate before you went to the supermarket so you wouldn’t be tempted by the bakery. You’re doing great so far.

You’ve made it to the check out. You look down at the trolley and somehow it’s filled with a psychedelic rainbow of snacky-cakes, fizzy juice and rubbish. How did it happen?

Here’s my method to beat the supermarket.

It’s simply not enough to be prepared. There is a plethora of research which proves that our willpower only lasts so far. On average, we can say no to temptation three times in a day. After the third refusal we’re simply exhausted with the effort. The supermarkets know this and they’d be crazy not to take advantage.

But the fix is dead simple. It’s easier even than your current shopping method.


Walk past the danger aisles. Just don’t go up them. In a large supermarket there will be up to 4 aisles that just stock pretend food: Crisps, sweets, “seasonal goods”, fizzy pop. When you walk past the aisle ends you only have to say no once. When you walk up and down every aisle you constantly have to deny yourself and you’ll only manage to say no three times.

“But what about the Lo-Cal, Lo Sodium Bake-a-Snack crisp alternative that’s replacing my wotsit addiction?” I hear you cry...

...tell yourself you can go back for it later if you really want. By the time you get through the checkout you’ll realise you’re fed up of being in the shop and your lack of willpower will miraculously work in your favour. You now can’t be bothered going back round again. Magic, isn’t it?

That’s it. If you can do this for 6-8 weekly shops, it will get easier.

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