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want a free First Steps call?

Do you want to get fit but have a fear of injuring yourself, overdoing it or making a health condition worse?

Recognise yourself here?


I've been here myself and I've spent the last 16 years learning how to manage health through exercise.


I can help you:

  • identify your personal motivations

  • change unhelpful behaviours

  • learn to exercise in spite of long-standing injuries and illnesses

Are you ready to put the work in?


If so, I will help you achieve long-term lifestyle change using a combination of

Pilates, Exercise Therapy and Lifestyle Change.

By providing support in either a  1:1 or group setting, I'll show you how to achieve the fitness you deserve.

It's time to find out what your body can do and forget about what it can't.

Lifestyle Change

Achieve your long-term health goals

Pilates Classes

 Become stronger, fitter and more limber

Exercise Therapy

Deal with the pain point that slows you down

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