Each workplace is different. If you're ready to improve your company's profits, image and staff retention let me know which option suits you better.


Firstly, a bespoke service where the needs are discussed for the whole company and all possible methods can be employed. Employers can expect a tailored delivery and every workplace recommendation is different. If you'd like to meet and discuss your business' wellness needs, email me today.


Secondly,  a fast track service providing group based in-house training for strength, general fitness and postural alignment with full access to weight management advice and exercise software to support staff between sessions. The cost starts from £150 per in house visit plus £15 per month per employee.

I want to break down the obstacles between your workforce and their health, to make healthy living the norm. My aim is for Scotland to shake off the image of pies and heart attacks; for our workforce to be strong, healthy and vibrant; for our NHS to be affordable because we look after ourselves so well.

Every day people experience unnecessary pain from their desk jobs. It’s easy to get absorbed in work, hunch shoulders and ultimately strain backs and necks. Just sitting in one place for 5 or 6 hours a day can cause health problems and it’s extremely hard to exercise away the effects of a sedentary job. The latest evidence published in August 2016 in the Lancet suggests that 60-75 minutes of exercise a day is required to offset the long term health implications of a full time desk job.  


It is estimated that 2.2 million working days are lost every year through ill health in Scotland, costing employers £1.2 billion. In the course of a year, the total cost per employee of sickness absence is estimated to be £1,600.

(Figures from HSE National Statistics – Statistics of Occupational Safety, Ill health and Enforcement Action 2002/03 Scotland.)



Taking Action

Managing the health and wellbeing of your staff has been proven to increase productivity, profits and staff retention, improve corporate image, reduce insurance costs and attract a higher quality workforce.

Did you know you can gain a NHS business award from Health Working Lives by ensuring your workplace is a safe and healthy place to be? Check out why at http://www.healthyworkinglives.com/award/benefits. I'd love to help you and I have been running several Pilot Studies to measure change. I have space for one more so if your company fits my bill call me on 07914 700988



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