Remote Training?

How do we train when we don't even meet?


My intention is to support you while you adjust to change in your life.  You'll become naturally fitter and healthier and you'll find it easier to make the right choices. The best thing is that all the tools you'll work with can be used for many other aspects of your life. I want  to increase your confidence, contentment and quality of life.


The programme is designed to be completed over a 4-6 week period and will include:


  1. 4 phonecalls (20-30 minutes)

  2. An Exercise Programme,

  3. A Goal Setting Worksheet,

  4. Weight recording, feedback and advice,

  5. A Goal Planning Worksheet,

  6. A Dealing With Failure worksheet and

  7. Long Term Planning Worksheets.


These worksheets will be yours to keep and redo as often as you need to maintain your healthier lifestyle.


In the future I plan to complement the service with a range of supporting games, articles, feedback and videos on a private members’ website.


Here's how the full remote training package is broken down:


Week 1: I’ll give you the Goal Setting Worksheet, basic diet advice and the Food Journal.


We’ll have a chat on the phone to work out the best Exercise Programme for you.  I’ll give you access to your personal account on the ExerciseSoftware website where you’ll receive your online Exercise Programme. I can see how often you log in and complete your work so there’ll be no pretending the dog ate the homework!


Week 2: We’ll chat through the Goal Setting Worksheet, Food Intake and Exercises and make any adjustments we think will best support you. I’ll give you the Goal Planning Worksheet so you can make the clearest plans possible to keep you driven towards the end result.


Week 3: We’ll catch up on your tasks from the previous week and we’ll look at any areas where you feel you could have made better choices. I’ll give you the Dealing with Failure Worksheet to help manage similar occasions in the future.


Week 4: We’ll assess weights and measures, take stock of what we’ve achieved and progress your exercise programme to keep you focused for another month. I’ll give you the Long Term Planning Worksheet so you can continue using the skills you’ve learned.


When we have it up and running, you’ll have the opportunity to join the monthly members’ subscription to gain access to the supporting material.

How does the Basic Package differ?

You'll still get access to the worksheets and the exercise programme and you'll be able to work through them at your own pace. You can join the member's area when it's ready and continue your journey for a small monthly subscription. If you change your mind and would prefer to work with my support, you can upgrade to the full package whenever you like.


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